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The tow generator has a number
of useful attributes, some that are indicative of  E & E's design and others that All Terrain Power has added.
    The generator is easy and fast to set up.  Here the Genny is set up with its work lights on for use at night.  Unlevel ground is compensated for with the yellow leveling blocks, that are stored in the trailer's tool box underneath the spare tire.

   When it comes to maintenance, there is a compartment dedicated to the storage of spare belts, fluids and the necessary tools to keep the generator running.  If your location is "off the beaten path,"  everything in here will avoid a trip back to the garage - a time saver and extra "insurance" that your shoot will go smoothly.  This is also where the voltage selector switch is located, and an All Terrian Power exclusive: the intake vent override switch - to keep the top vent open for servicing the cooling system when the engine is not running.


    Here you can see the thickness of the insulation found in all the walls and doors of the generator compartments.  This sound-proofing insures quiet operation.

     Other All Terrain Power modifications include additional connections on the distribution panel.   There are 4 female and 2 male camlock grounds and 2 more 20 amp Edison outlets.  All of the courtesy outlets (60 amp bates, 100 amp bates, 2-15 amp and 2-20amp) have their own breakers and stay on when the main breaker is shut off; -  very nice when you need a few work lights to clean up from a shot that has run well into the evening, or if you only need a 10K light working a few feet away.

Inclement weather?  No worries,  the generator has a wonderful feature just for that situation. In less than one minute , the generator can be switched to a secondary intake vent to continue running when there is any type of precipitation.  This lower vent doesn't affect how quiet the generator runs.

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